Having Mary Me Wedding Dances instructions resembles having your own dance fairy godmother, casting a sprinkle of magic on your wedding day. It’s not just about nailing the steps; they're about crafting a moment that's uniquely yours. Picture this: you and your partner gliding across the dance floor with effortless grace, stealing the show with your moves. These services aren't just for the rhythmically gifted; they're for anyone ready to shimmy, sway, and twirl their way into marital bliss. So, whether you want to recreate a scene from your favorite rom-com or invent a dance craze of your own, first dance services are there to make your wedding dance dreams come true.

Dance Moves designed to last

Now you have a special dance and memories to last a lifetime!

05. The memories

Enjoy your wedding day and your beautifully choreographed first dance!


Working with the music of your choice while incorporating captivating dips, lifts, and turns to bring your dance vision to life with breath taking moments.


Complete the questionnaire, sharing your visions and dreams to create a unique one of a kind first dance. 


A  consultation via phone or email to discuss all the details of your special day.

01. initial consultation

the Mary Me process

The Classic Choreography

The Luxe Lessons

The Elite Experience

Dance Packages

The Mini

All Lessons are 45 Minutes